Results from a US survey about Research Software Engineers

This short blog post is really a pointer to another post that I co-wrote (with Sandra Gesing, Olivier Philippe, and Simon Hettrick), “Results from a US survey about Research Software Engineers,” as the initial post for the US Research Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI) blog.  In brief, we ran a set of surveys of Research Software Engineers in various countries last year, and this post summarizes the results from the US survey.

A few interesting facts about the RSEs who responded are

  • 90% write software that contributes to published research
  • 82% don’t have hand-over plans for their most important software
  • 78% have trained others
  • 75% have experience that they believe is in demand in the labor market

The complete summary is in the URSSI blog post, which also includes links to the anonymized data and the Jupyter notebook that analyzes the data.

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Chief Scientist at NCSA, Research Associate Professor in CS, ECE, and the iSchool at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; works on systems and tools (aka cyberinfrastructure) and policy related to computational and data-enabled research, primarily in science and engineering

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